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Kia mahu taatau, kia mahu whenua..........Heal our people, heal our land.



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Business Postal: 950 Pipiwai Road, RD 6, Ruatangata, Whangarei

Phone 09 435 5510 -- Mobile/Text 021 731 831

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*Lovely simple ingredients.

*My clients like the consistency, texture , the feel of it on the skin - leaves it feeling supple and fresh.

*Nice natural soap in a small dispensing bottle - perfect for my basin.

*Foaming soap lovely for shaving the legs.

*His hair has become quite soft and shiny using the Kawakawa & Mingimingi .

*His hair is fuller, and thicker and he can use the liquid soap from head to toe.

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Native Plant Medicine

(Rongoa Rakau)


Rongoa Rakau Clinics Appointment
are held at

950 Pipiwai Road,

Ruatangata, Whangarei

021 731 831

New Zealand

HineAhua Tokotoko (Michelle Sime)

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with HineAhua Tokotoko and Annette Hawkins

who specialise in natural health & beauty products made from native medicinal plants.

Our Range:

New Zealand Native Plant Liquid Soaps

We've blended together quality natural ingredients to effectively cleanse and nourish your skin. We've kept it simple to avoid unnecessary additives and their effects on your body. Lovingly handcrafted in small batches to insure purity and quality .
Traditional Maori Medicine Practitioners have used the New Zealand native plants for healing and maintaining the beauty and well being of skin for centuries.
The range includes Kawakawa, Tanekaha and a blend of Kawakawa and Mingimingi.
Kawakawa: Known for healing and natural glow, Kawakawa is a natural antiseptic.
Tanekaha: have use Tanekaha Rongoa for its anti- fungal properties in treating skin irritations . Traditional Maori used Tanekaha for treatment of skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, mild skin infections. Use as required 1-5 times a day.
Kawakawa & Mingimingi : Kawakawa is used for healing and skin glow, Mingimingi is used for muscle relaxation and health. Use all over body including hair if you desire.

Beauty Soap

Luxurious Goats Milk Soap enriched with NZ Native Plants Beauty Blend.


Bath Bombs

Bath salts enhanced with healing rongoa.

Kawakawa Bath Bomb - for Muscular aches, pains and bruising, great after intensive exercise or physical labour.

Womens Blend Bath Bomb - Miro and other native plants to ease and relax in times of discomfort or stress.



Product Plant size price
Liquid soap


or Kawakawa

or Mingimingi& kawakawa

100ml plastic or glass



Liquid soap foaming Pump


or Kawakawa

or Mingimingi& kawakawa

350 ml plastic

foaming pump

Beauty soap NZ Native plant beauty blend 1 soap $7.95
Bath bomb Kawakawa or Womens Blend 1 bomb $3.95
NZ Post Minimum (urban) 130x235x70mm to be confirmed upon order enquiry $4.95

NZ Post Minimum (rural)

130x235x70mm to be confirmed upon order enquiry $8.65

NZ Post Size 1

160x235x70mm to be confirmed upon order enquiry above choice + $1.50







Our Story:

Annette Hawkins : Practitioner of Natural Healing methods for over a decade drawn to create quality natural based products to support the overall wellbeing of her clients and others. Having a background in hair dressing , thus an awareness of the chemical toxicity in our beauty industry has increased her passion for creating healthy alternatives.
HineAhua Tokotoko (Michelle Sime) : Her Maori given name acknowledges her work as a Maori Traditional Medicines Specialist. Rongoa Rakau (plant medicine) usage and development is a daily part of her health work with clients. Inspired to create a range to support her people and demonstrate what our fantastic native plants can do for our wellbeing.
We came together to make this range due to our mutual interest in having a natural range of skin care products. Our complimentary skills in creating beautiful products for healing and wellbeing lead us here.

Our Mission:

Protecting and nurturing our Native environment
Encourage growth of native plants by creating an economic return on investment.
Increase awareness of the benefit of preserving our native environment .
Reduce the footprint left by using native plants and biodegradable ingredients .
Body Health and Healing
Natural products with naturally found ingredients absorb easily without residue being left in the body which lead to toxicity.
Naturally detox the skin from harmful chemicals, returning balance and healthy function to the skin.
Increase awareness of the healing and ongoing health benefits of choosing natural products over artificial chemical based products.





Medicine Plants is a subsidiary of a Complimentary Business:

Better Thinking includes techniques for healing and refocussing mind and emotions and is especially useful in healing the past, creating healthier connections with others and moving forward in life happier and healthier in hinengaro, wairua and tinana (mind, spirit and body).