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Kia mahu taatau, kia mahu whenua..........Heal our people, heal our land.

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Mamaku Frond, Rongoa

Kiekie with Uriuri

Maori Traditional Medicine - Rongoa Rakau Clinic
20 minutes from

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New Zealand

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"I no longer require insulin"

"My stomach has settled"

"Feel much calmer"

"I am no longer coughing when I try to talk"

"My joints have stopped aching"

"we're getting a better night's sleep"


Mamaku Frond, Rongoa


Mamaku Frond, Rongoa

kowhai flowers

Mamaku Frond, Rongoa


Consultations for health and wellbeing, and recomendations for native tree planting by maori traditonal medicines , rongoa, practitioner HineAhua Tokotoko, Michelle Sime.

Teas, creams and products made from native medicinal plant as used by traditional maori.

Private Appointments available in Whangarei from $55 ($35 with CSC).

Treatment is provided as advised, first bottle of tonic complimentary

with appointment upon mention of this offer.

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RD 6 Whangarei 0176

Phone 09 4355510-- Mobile/Text 021 731 831


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with HineAhua Tokootokoo

About Michelle Sime (HineAhua Tokootokoo), Rongoa Rakau Practitioner

Michelle Sime, Your Rongoa Rakau Practitioner is has a Diploma in Maori Traditional Medicines and a Certificate in Rongoa Maori Appreciation, and she was privately trained first by Hone Ratana and later by Billy Tuhua as Tohunga Matengaro. She worked in Marae Rongoa Clinics weekly for a year with Nga Hau e Wha, and from her home since 2012. Michelle also teaches Rongoa Rakau (Plant medicines) to small groups and shares her knowledge with several Tohunga.

Ko HineAhua Tokootokoo toku ingoa,
te ahua o toku ingoa
ko te tuumanako, te whakapono, me te aroha.


For centuries Maori have used plant remedies for symptoms of:
Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Insomnia, Cancer, Acne, Eczema, Depression, Mania, Skin & Scalp Irritation, Heart Problems, Cholesterol, Thyroid & Kidney Problems, Eyesight, Hormonal Inbalance, Obesity, Weight Loss, Energy , Aches, Arthritis, Detoxing, and much more …………...

The understanding and connection with our environment allows restoring to health from even some of our "incurable " diseases such as diabetes, and those connected with thyroid , heart and mind. In 1907, the Tohunga Suppression Act outlawed the use and talk of the traditional medicines. This Act was not revoked until the 1960's and has taken 50 years to really re-surface in society. Now that it has, let us embrace the remedies that are so freely available and that have helped so many.

Using Rongoa has allowed many to return to a healthy and energetic quality of life, with the rebalancing of body , mind, heart and spirit. (tinana, hinengaro, manawa, wairua)

Medicine Plants is a subsidiary of a Complimentary Business:

Better Thinking includes techniques for healing and refocussing mind and emotions and is especially useful in healing the past, creating healthier connections with others and moving forward in life happier and healthier in hinengaro, wairua and tinana (mind, spirit and body).


Mamaku Frond, Rongoa

Mamaku Frond


"my doctor has halved my thyroid medication and I am feeling much better"

" I no longer get pain in my foot when I run"

"he stopped waking with night terrors for the first time since his accident"

"she can hold her gaze straight for a little while now"

"endometriosis and period pain disappearing "

"My doctor has taken me off tablets for Diabetes....and it is over 3 years now"

HineAhua Tokotoko

Life Rongoa Consultant, Relax, where you would like to be

Marlborough Sounds Retreat

Mamaku Frond, Rongoa


Thinking about planting some natives?

Book a consult with Medicine Plants to consider some options for future income by growing some less common natives used in products and treatments.