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"My sales went from $50,000 to $120,000 from 1 session with Better Thinking"
Phil (Sales)

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"Changes reactions and thinking. It has really helped me."
Melissa (Teacher)

"Surprisingly straightforward" Andrew (Network Engineer)

"Expands options" Patrick (Electrical Engineer)

"Real interesting and quite enlightening."
Grant (Psychologist)

"I feel a lot more calm and at peace." Michelle (Teacher)

"Improved my skills to look thing differently and in a more positive way" Marcelo (Area Manager)

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What do you appreciate?
Better Thinking

Appreciation Languages
for Family, Friends and Colleagues

Do you know each person's appreciation language?

It is useful to show appreciation appropriately to those around us. This leads to more harmonious relationships and good results. Sometimes we give or receive appreciation and do not notice. Understanding your own preferences, and others, assists us to communicate more clearly and effectively. Here is an exercise for you and your colleagues or family members to try.

Take the Quiz online here!

Ask your Colleagues , Family and Friends to the quizz too. You will enjoy getting to know how to have your efforts in appreciating others recieve more positive response.

If you would like to discuss your results, please contact "Better Thinking" through the links below. Thank you for participation.

click here to contact Better Thinking

A little extra tip :

3 things to pay attention to that will give you more information for showing your appreciation for others in more appropriate ways:

1. What does the person ask for?

2. What does the person do when showing appreciation to others?

3. What does the person complain about if they do not get it?

Enjoy showing your appreciation daily and getting better responses from your efforts !


If you would prefer to just view the Quiz here and do your own counting, scroll down....do the questions before checking your results at the bottom for a more true personal feedback on self and others.....

What would make you feel most appreciated?

Number these on the right. 5 for most appreciated, to 1 for least appreciated action.
*Note physical touch may not be appropriate and not appreciated in the workplace. We feel appreciated in different ways from different people in our lives according to their roles, so compare colleagues with colleagues, and family members with family members.


__ A. A member says, "You really did a great job. I appreciate it".
__ B. A member unexpectedly does something in or around the office/house/garden that
...........you appreciate.
__ C. A member brings you a surprise treat from the store.
__ D. A member invites you to go on a leisurely walk just to chat.
__ E. A member makes a point of giving you a handshake, hug or kiss before leaving the
__ A. A member tells you how much he or she appreciates you.
__ B. A member volunteers to do a job for you and encourages you to relax.
__ C. A member brings you flowers/brings you a treat.
__ D. A member invites you to sit down and talk about your day.
__ E. You enjoy receiving a 'high 5', *hug from a member even if just passing from
...........one room to another.
__ A. During a gathering you hear a member tell about one of your recent successes.
__ B. A member cleans your dishes for you.
__ C. A member surprises you with an unexpected gift.
__ D. A member surprises you with a special outing.
__ E. A member shakes your hand, pats you on the back, *holds your hand or touches you in
...........a loving, friendly way while at a public event.
__ A. A member praises you about one of your special qualities or abilities.
__ B. A member brings you lunch.
__ C. A member surprises you with a membership to something you've always wanted.
__ D. A member plans a special night out for you and him/her
__ E. A member drives you to an event when you need a ride.
__ A. A member tells you how much his/her friends/colleagues appreciate you.
__ B. A member takes the time to fill out the long, complicated application
...........forms that you had hoped to find time for.
__ C. A member sends you something special through the mail.
__ D A member kidnaps you for lunch and takes you out to eat.
__ E. A member gives you a back rub* or pays someone to.

Add up all the points for each of the different letters separately.
eg A's scores of 5+2+3+1+5=16

How many points did you add up for:

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Totals
A   + + + + =
B   + + + + =
C   + + + + =
D   + + + + =
E   + + + + =


Now list your results from the HIGHEST to the lowest amount of each letter






Write the Appreciation Language group next to the letter, where

A= Words of affirmation

B= Acts of service

C= Gifts

D= Quality time

E= Physical touch

And now compare your scores with your colleagues or family or friends.

Wouldn't it be great to speak each others appreciation language everyday?

If you would like to discuss your results, please contact "Better Thinking" through the links on the top of this page page.

Thank you for participation.

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