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"My thinking is clearer, and I have noticed I learn things much easier" DS Rangiera (Performance Manager)

"My sales went from $50,000 to $120,000 from 1 session with Better Thinking"
Phil (Sales)

"with Michelle Sime, NLP has empowered me to deal with the problem." Julie (Entrepreneur)

"Changes reactions and thinking. It has really helped me."
Melissa (Teacher)

"Surprisingly straightforward" Andrew (Network Engineer)

"Expands options" Patrick (Electrical Engineer)

"Real interesting and quite enlightening."
Grant (Psychologist)

"I feel a lot more calm and at peace." Michelle (Teacher)

"Improved my skills to look thing differently and in a more positive way" Marcelo (Area Manager)

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What do you appreciate?
Better Thinking

from Family, Friends and Colleagues

It is useful to show appreciation appropriately to those around us and to realise when others are showing it to us. This leads to more harmonious relationships and good results. Sometimes we give or receive appreciation and and it is not noticed. Understanding your own preferences, and others, assists us to communicate more clearly and effectively. Here is an exercise for you and your colleagues or family members to try.

Take the Quiz online here!

Ask your Colleagues , Family and Friends to the quizz too. You will enjoy getting to know how to have your efforts in appreciating others recieve more positive response.

And now compare your scores with your colleagues or family or friends.

Wouldn't it be great to speak each others appreciation language everyday?

If you would like to discuss your results, please contact "Better Thinking" through the links below. Thank you for participation.

click here to contact Better Thinking

A little extra tip :

3 things to pay attention to that will give you more information for showing your appreciation for others in more appropriate ways:

1. What does the person ask for?

2. What does the person do when showing appreciation to others?

3. What does the person complain about if they do not get it?

Enjoy showing your appreciation daily and getting better responses from your efforts !


Thank you for participation.

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